Communications Major. Theater Minor.
Blue Hen Ambassador Student Coordinator . Social Media Ambassador. National Residence Hall Honorary. Public Relations Student Society of America. Harrington Theater Arts Company. American Sign Language Club. STN49 Full Court Press. Usher at Roselle Center for the Arts.


Hahahaha welp I guess I failed my new years resolution. Shall we try again? I think so .

This summer I will be interning at the Broadway Artists Alliance as their Media Intern. I’m extremely excited to get to interact with so many young talented people as well as current Broadway stars.

A bit disappointed that I won’t be able to just lay on the beach and tan this summer with no responsibilities, but I guess I lost that privilege once i hit junior year of college.


Winter Session at school is different than I expected it to be. If I didn’t have to be taking a class I definitely would not be. It would be so awesome to be here with nothing to do. Just me, my job, my computer, and the gym….oh yes…and Wings to Go.

There are a lot more people here than I expected, but with all the reading I have to get done, I feel like I can never go out. I really need to get out more…but I really need to get a good grade in this class.

I should probably write a different time and get this reading done.

New Years Resolution: Document my year

I regret not keeping up with my study abroad blog while I went to Italy last summer. I’ve seen people doing a picture a day on facebook for the year 2013. I want to keep a journal here.

I’ve never been very good at keeping to things like writing blogs/journals. I’m much more the retweet/reblog kind of person.

Let’s see what happens.

UD Organization Spotlight: National Residence Hall Honorary

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

The Robert Longwell-Grice Chapter at the University of Delaware

Comprised of the top 1% of leaders in residence halls, this organization strives to achieve success in its four pillars: scholastic, recognition, leadership, and service.

The focus is to increase recognition of the exceptional work of students and staff at the University of Delaware.

How to get involved: You don’t have to be a member of NRHH to recognize someone’s great efforts!

Through monthly awards (OTMS: Of The Months), this organization recognizes other spectacular leaders in residence halls across campus. Award winners are nominated by members of the program as well as faculty, residence hall staff, and residents. At the end of each year, all the monthly winners are voted on to become the Of The Year winners. In addition, our UD winners are forwarded to the regional and then national programs to be recognized (and possibly win) there as well!

  • Has someone on your floor done an exceptional job at making the residents feel at home or involved? Nominate them here:


NRHH hosts many events through out the year to highlight leadership as well as participate in numerous community service activities.

Their most recent event was last week’s blood drive! Thank you to all those who donated and volunteered. The next blood drive will take place in November!

One past event planned to be repeated this year is their participation in Toys for Tots!

How to join:

Every semester nominations are accepted and applicants are interviewed! If you want to be involved in recognizing others spectacular efforts and strive to complete the same pillars as NRHH does, this may be the place for you!

For more information visit their website: or contact

Nicole Pomerico, President can be contacted at

My beautiful campus

My beautiful campus

It is almost autumn again! My favorite time of the year on campus :)

It is almost autumn again! My favorite time of the year on campus :)